About Us

Ballet West Guild

Our Mission

Ballet West Guild is a patron organization whose members believe dance is essential to our human experience, and who actively support Ballet West’s artistic mission and educational outreach through special events, financial contributions, and community engagement.

(Mission Updated October 26, 2021)


Our History

Ballet West Guild has a long and prolific history. Originally founded in the 1960s by Glenn Walker Wallace, the Guild thrived for many decades and was re-established in 2017 by lifelong patrons of Ballet West.


Ballet West Guild Leadership Council 2022-23

Executive Committee:

President – Helle LeRette
Vice President – Jennifer Malherbe
Secretary – Ellen Tolstad
Treasurer – Dee Gauss
Past President / Membership – Anne Neeley
Dancer Liaisons – Jeanne Potucek & Julie Terry Shulimson
Nominating Chairs – Kathleen Gardner & Tami Hansen

Leadership Council:

Park City Membership Chairs – Franki Loftus & Rebecca Page
Parliamentarian – Lois Peterson
Public Relations Chair – Tika Beard



Adam Sklute, Artistic Director, Ballet West
Michael Scolamiero, Executive Director, Ballet West
Shari Quinney, Board Chair, Ballet West Board of Directors

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